Brenda Bessel
I just met Dayna this Memorial Day weekend 2019. I have a 6 year old Terrier mix with major separation anxiety, especially when we travel. While visiting a farmers market on our trip, we purchased Dayna’s CBD dog treats. I gave about 1/2 a cookie to my dog and 20 mins later, we left him in our motorhome with NO signs of anxiety! No whining/screaming as I walked away. No climbing me as we were heading out the door. I could t believe my eyes! I definitely recommend trying her dog treats. 4 ingredients, made with love, all natural and healthy! Great job Dayna
Elsa K
My rescue pup, Darwin, is definitely one grateful dog! We had mixed feelings about our previous doggy daycare and are both so lucky that Ernie opened up a Marin outpost of The Grateful Dog. Being a rescue, Darwin needs time to warm up to new humans and pups, and can also be very protective of his mama. Ernie was patient with Darwin when we went in for the temperament evaluation and allowed him enough time and space to feel comfortable. Darwin has been a semi-regular day camper at TGD since that first visit in June. I have met a few of the handlers and they all inspire a good deal of trust and confidence. Pricing of TGD Marin services are reasonable and on a par with other facilities in the area. Marin Humane has also partnered up with them and now offer a couple of training classes on-site at a great price. One of the main benefits of TGD Marin, unlike our previous service, is that there are no kennels. There is a spacious indoor play area that is connected to the fenced backyard. The front desk/waiting area is spacious and there is a small self-contained office between the front desk and the indoor play area. Everything always looks very clean and well-maintained. Since the dogs are not separated into play groups, it's a wonderful way for Darwin to socialize with pups of all shapes and sizes in a safe environment. I always look forward to receiving text updates with videos of Darwin and his new friends!
Grace P
I've been a long-time, six-ish year, Grateful Dog client. As a puppy, my little min-pin, Izzy "Squirrel Dust," started going to the SF location. She pretty much grew up there, and I am so thankful to everyone (humans and dogs alike) that became part of her "pack." A couple of years ago, I changed jobs, and because I could work from home, Izzy stayed home with me. While at a dog park last fall, Izzy was attacked by a much larger, aggressive dog and her stomach was ripped apart. It was a very, long road to recovery for Izzy, the trauma she underwent was not only physical, but her temperament changed drastically. It got to a point where I couldn't bring her around certain people or most dogs. I was at my wit's end and then saw that Ernie, the owner of The Grateful Dog, was opening up a 2nd location in Marin. I gave him a call, and he developed a plan with me to re-socialize Izzy to get her back to how she was pre-accident. It was incredibly remarkable. After a couple of weeks with Ernie and his team at the new location, Izzy became her old friendly and flirty self again. I can't thank The Grateful Dog enough. From the very beginning, they have gone beyond my expectations and have brought Izzy and me closer, in many ways, I feel like they brought my dog back to life. Their new location is clean, spacious, and well run. I wish I could give them a 10 Star rating.
Scott S
Big fan of the Grateful Dog. I've been bringing my labradoodle to their location in San Francisco for about a year and a half. I always enjoyed it and my dog was happy and tired at the end of the day. The new Marin location is truly fantastic, though. It's very large, clean and run by the same faces, all of whom are very knowledgeable and nice. The prices are competitive and you see some serious value from the multi-day packages or the unlimited daycare. The unlimited Mon-Fri package, in particular, comes out to about $25 a day. This is what most dog walkers charge, and that gets you maybe 2 hours of group play, then the dog sits alone at home. It's a no-brainer to use Grateful Dog if this describes your current situation, especially if you have an energetic pup. Thank you, Grateful Dog!
Lisa W
The Grateful Dog has been so good to out Louie--I am so happy we found them!