Dog Daycare


Sending your pup to daycare can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if your four-legged friend has yet to leave the comforts of home or spend time away from their family. Here at The Grateful Dog, we have a team of extremely caring, passionate, and responsible handlers who make it their number one goal to make your pup feel safe and happy. Throughout the day, the dogs at daycare will enjoy running and playing with friends in an open space with comfy cots to cuddle up for nap time. Your four-pawed guests enjoy plenty of stimulation and, exercise-including walks to the Greenbrae Boardwalk and Corte Madera State Marsh Park and downtime in between play sessions. The Grateful Dog is the perfect place for pups to socialize with dogs of all different ages and sizes, which is crucial for young puppies to learn and build confidence! Our handlers use positive reinforcement to reward good behavior and exercise extreme diligence to maintain a clean environment to ensure your pup's health and safety. The Grateful Dog team promises to love and care for your four-legged companions as if they are our own, and we guarantee your loved ones will return home ready to snooze with smiles of contentment on their furry faces.


PlayCare Rates and Packages Monday - Friday 7am – 7pm, Weekends 9am – 5pm*

  • All Day PlayCare (More than 6 hours) – $50
  • Half-Day PlayCare (Less than 6 Hours) – $40

Membership Punch Cards (expire 1 year from date of purchase)

  • 10 Days of Half-Day PlayCare Package – $350
  • 20 Days of Half-Day PlayCare Package – $640
  • 10 Days of All-Day PlayCare Package – $435
  • 20 Days of All-Day PlayCare Package – $780

Monthly Packages ** (expires 1 month from date of purchase)

  • 1 Month of PlayCare Package (M-F) – $660
  • 1 Month Unlimited PlayCare Package (7 days/week) – $780

Reservations are not required for PlayCare customers.

Siblings and dogs living in the same household are discounted 15%

Packages are non-refundable.

*We do not allow daycare late pickups at our San Francisco location. Any dogs picked up after hours will be charged a $25 Late Pickup Fee. Overnight boarding is done at our Marin location in Greenbrae. Please check the Marin website for Late Pickup policies.

**Monthly Packages expire a month from the day purchased and auto-renew monthly. Please email any changes or cancellations to existing packages prior to that date.

EMAIL: [email protected]